Health is the search for balance in an ever-changing world around.

Creating herbal formulas,
we sought to ensure that they can be used to treat already formed diseases, and to make up for innate resourses, and to prevent potential disorders
There is an autonomous regulation of all systems in a healthy body, and the adaptation to changing conditions should take place without human intervention. The balance is disturbed as a consequence of depletion of innate resources and an impact of disease-producing factors. At a psycho-emotional level the balance is achieved through a harmonious perception of oneself in the world around. Modern scientists have proved that any thought or emotion is a biochemical reaction. Thus, a positive attitude adds to the resources and the negative drains them. At the physical level, the integrity and quality of innate resources is reflected by a condition of the blood, immune and endocrine systems

At the heart of the treatment methods and the "Dao" medicines is the intention to help the person maintain harmony, living in a modern, fast-paced world.

Herbal ingredients give
an opportunity to solve those problems simultaneously, as all the herbs included into our medicines contain several active agents, affecting on different systems.
Based on the symptoms, we give patients the opportunity to understand the level where they have abnormalities. If the main cause of health problems lies on the psycho-emotional level, the herbal medicine should be used in conjunction with correction of the emotional background. If the abnormalities are more significant on the physical level, then we select a comprehensive treatment regimen that takes into account the state of the internal resource

The symptoms which are bothering a person do not reflect the internal imbalance in full.

And normalization of all organs and systems, in turn, allows you to achieve the balance
As usual they lie away from their true cause. This is due to the fact that the irregularities in an individual organ gradually deaw other body systems into the disease process. At this stage, the person may not to feel any internal imbalance. As a result of the pathological symptoms are manifested in the most weakened organ. Therefore, in order to restore health, it is necessary to have an impact on multiple systems at once. If the symptoms manifest themselves in an acute form, the focus of treatment is to eliminate the symptoms. In case of a stagnant, chronic progression of the disease, the major task is to eliminate the true causes of the disease.