”Dao” medicines have been successfully represented on the pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan since 2005.

Addresses and telephones for

purchasing of the medicines

They have earned high reputation not only among the visitors of pharmacies, but also among professionals. Since recently our medicines are available on the Russian market.

It is possible to purchase the “Dao” medicines in retail in our pharmacies.

If you are interested in bulk delivery of the medicines, you can refer to our managers. 

The staff of the “Dao” center together with the department of traditional medicine of the Almaty Postgraduate Medical School are conducting the cycles of primary training.


improvements in the area of TCM

are conducted 2 times a year.

The course in phytoterapy in the initial cycle comprises 3 weeks. The program of the course permits to make acquaintance with major groups of ingredients of TCM, their functions and proposed clinical use. Gained knowledge gives an opportunity to use efficiently the traditional classical recipes in practice. 

Subject improvements in the area of TCM are conducted 2 times a year. The course lasts a month, two weeks are dedicated entirely to phytoterapy. More detailed information see in the beginning of the year in the timetable, allocated in this section of the site.

We practice collaboration with clinics that are interested in the development of naturopatic direction.

In this case the personnel of the center conducts brief training course, which gives an idea about the particularities of usage of phytoremedies in different pathological conditions..

Our specialists train patients for the treatment in China.

Train scheme for the treatment in China

This direction had occurred in the process of our clinical work about 5-7 years ago. A lot of people, who wanted to receive medical treatment in China, began to use the service of travel companies or to organize the trip independently. Often they came back with the result that did not satisfy them. And in the case of successful treatment they did not have detailed information about the recipe and method.

This information is necessary not only for the patient itself, but also to the doctor which exercises the following observance. The “Dao” staff make specific translation from the language of European medicine to the terminology of Chinese one.