“Dao” medicines have been successfully represented on the pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan since 2005.

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This direction had occurred in the process of our clinical work about 5-7 years ago. A lot of people, who wanted to receive medical treatment in China, began to use the service of travel companies or to organize the trip independently. Often they came back with the result that did not satisfy them. And in the case of successful treatment they did not have detailed information about the recipe and method. This information is necessary not only for the patient itself, but also to the doctor which exercises the following observance.

We are convinced that modern person shall take an active position in the process of recovery. And for this you should at least understand the reasons of your malady and have the possibility to choose various methods of correction. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve such understanding in the process of treatment in China because of language barrier and difference in mentality. Moreover, chronic diseases require long-term treatment, and the period of 10-14 days is not always enough to achieve tangible changes. 

You need to prepare for the trip in order for treatment, carried out in Chinese clinic or sanatorium, will give you maximum result. First, it is necessary to make acquaintance with the particularities of Chinese medicine in order to understand its basic differences from European ways of treatment, familiar to us. Second, to visit the doctor of Chinese medicine, practicing in your town and speaking the same language as you, to hear his opinion about your condition and to get recommendations.


improvements in the area of TCM

are conducted 2 times a year.

After that it is necessary to carry out minimal necessary research of your health – to make clinical and biochemical blood analyses, clinical urine analysis, ultrasonography of internals and have yourself more carefully examined. And, the most important: going out on healing travel, you must be sure of the reputation of the clinic and the doctor, who will treat you. In addition, it is necessary to find a good interpreter for the whole period of treatment.

The “Dao” Treatment and Rehabilitation Center prepares the patients to the treatment in China. In addition to above mentioned procedures we are drawing a medical card for a Chinese doctor in Chinese in Russian languages that contains necessary information about the patient (complains, symptoms, diagnoses of European medicine). The Chinese doctor, in accordance with our agreements, provides an exact recipe of a brew, assigned to the patient and the list of procedures. This scheme of work permits to continue the treatment more efficiently after the return of the patient.

We practice collaboration with clinics that are interested in the development of naturopatic direction.


In this case the personnel of the center are carrying out brief training course that gives the idea about the peculiarities of usage of phytoremedies in various pathological conditions.

Depending on the needs and capabilities of the patient we can offer several variants of treatment in China – in clinics, visited by our doctors. The agreements of cooperation and full exchange of information for the benefit of the patient were achieved between the “Dao” center and these clinics.


Ultimately, the last caution: there is no point of building upon a miracle, to go to China in grave condition. You need to make decisions reasonably after consulting with specialists.