Features of the medicines

In the process of manufacturing of our products we try to combine all the best of what is there in European and Chinese medicines at this moment.
     Efficacy                                                  Тraditions                                                                                                                                                                                Thanks to modern technological advances                                                                                        we have adapted traditional Chinese                                                                                                 herbal medicinal medicines as herb teas                                                                                           to be suitable for a modern person.
The "Dao" medicines are effective in combination with traditional pharmacology - they reinforce its action and minimize side effects.
All of the "Dao" medicines have descriptions from the standpoint of both the Chinese medicine and the European one - as a result they are easy to understand within the scope of traditional pharmacy.

Each formula has an affinity to a certain system, organ or tissue.

This advantage is provided by the presence of a conducting herb in each recipe that delivers the whole medicinal composition to the site of localization of a disease. Owing to that, the "Dao" medicines produce more natural and purposeful effect on the body systems.

Each formula is built upon the special principle

This principle takes into account causes of a disease (the formula treats the "root" of the disease, and not the symptoms). That is, eliminating the internal imbalances, it blocks the development of a pathological process.

The ability to restore functional diseases at preclinical changes stage

That is, in a state where overall health is deteriorating, but the specific pathology has not emerged yet. In the pre-existing disease, hardware methods of diagnostic most often do not capture abnormalities.

Recovery occurs within a shorter time

This is due to the bi-directional effect of the medicines. Firstly, directly on a disease-producing factor. And secondly - on restoring of own defense mechanisms.

The "Dao" medicines reduces the risk of complications occurence

The medicines have no side effects, are not toxic, and are recommended for pregnant women, children and the elderly.